Tuesday, May 27, 2014


As many of you, I too enjoyed the Memorial Day "vacation" I had many options to choose from. Go to the lake, go to visit friends and family or what I did. Stayed home watching TV and sharing a bowl of ice cream with Diva Kitty and hung out around home with the man and kids.  As I was sittin there watching some movie I don't even remember the name to a thought crossed my mind.  The reason I had the privileged to do this is because of AMAZING people some of them will be able to see their families and be with them some may get to make a call or Skype with theirs and some will be watching from heaven as they have made the ultimate sacrifice.  Watching my daughter's Graduation I cried not only out of pride but also for the children who were missing a parent. These men and women give up their time with family and RISK THEIR LIVES to protect us as we live ours,   SO while you sit there waving your protest sign pause and remember that the reason you can do that is because someone died for it.  In all of your partying and celebrating did you remember to THANK A  VET or their Family?

     I got distracted by a news story saying that some prisoners are now getting X BOX or PS3 time because they feel they have the RITE to do so. And that just PISSED ME OFF.   By what stretch of your prisoners have rites too play video games when we have SOLDIERS doing without things they need.  Prisoners should not have more rites than our soldiers.  Did the person they victimized have any rites? What about the child they molested? Or the person they raped and killed?  So This TAX PAYER  says NO.  And while I stand here on my soapbox I may as well say I am sick and tired of hearing that same sex marriage is a sin.  Who are you to say that? I'm sorry I must not have gotten the MEMO that GOD and Jesus were hiring the perfect of the world so just save the finger pointing for which mirror you want from popping balloons at the local county fair.  Its a sad day when my children are more intelligent than some adults. But fear not you bible thumping NUTJOB. I am sure God will forgive you for all of your sins. When I was speaking about this to a friend who was in Iraq Afghanistan and many more places why these stupid hateful people did not bother him he said "Is is their rite."  More power in those 3 words that I said in this blog

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